3D Tokyo Storefront - Sushi Shop

I recently bought Mateusz Urbanowicz's Tokyo Storefronts book and found it hugely inspiring. I decided to make one of the sushi shops in 3D as a hand-painted texture exercise.

I wanted to have fun trying to mimic a traditional style digitally, so I painted the texture from scratch in Photoshop as if I was using watercolours.

I really enjoyed trying to replicate his style in 3d, I didn't quite get 100% there but the attempt was lots of fun!

Link to Mateusz Urbanowicz's website: https://mateuszurbanowicz.com/
Link to concept: https://www.behance.net/gallery/37918627/Tokyo-storefront-10-Noike

Rachel noy screenshot022
Rachel noy 5
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3D Tokyo Storefront - Sushi Shop

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