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Paradise Killer

In mid-2019 I worked on Paradise Killer (2020). Paradise Killer is an open-world detective game with a City Pop/Demonic/Dreamcast/PS1/Vaporwave aesthetic and soundtrack.

Kaizen Game Works are a tiny team of two people and it was a pleasure to contribute to such a cool game.
As it was such a small team we pitched in to a lot of different tasks wherever we could be useful.
I was mostly responsible for the world lighting, tech art, materials and shaders, helping to define and pull together the art style of what was already in the game, some 3D environment art/props and the crystal statue shader, but I also got to do some 2D characters (Bear and Dead Nebula), the voice acting of Starlight and some VFX. It was so different to anything I've ever worked on and it was so much fun. I wasn't an artist in the Dreamcast era, but now I wish I was!

Paradise Killer Original Soundtrack (Bandcamp):


Also available on Humble and GOG.  

Video: Paradise Killer - Beach

Video: Paradise Killer - Dead Zone

Video: Paradise Killer - Skies

Video: Paradise Killer - Crystal Skulls

Paradise Killer OST Sampler: Lady Blue